Standing Strong For Our Environment

I have, and always will, make protecting our water quality and the environment a priority. I will never stop fighting to protect our state’s natural beauty and resources. And I have the record to prove it.
  • Made springs recovery and protection a top priority (HB 7003, 2015)
  • Invested $189 Million In Everglades Restoration And Oil Cleanup (HB 5001, 2012)
  • Invested $144 Million In Water Conservation And Restoration Efforts (SB 2000, 2011)
  • Fought to ensure $375 million of our state budget was set aside for water conservation projects
  • I proudly voted to ban unregulated fracking in Florida (HB 191, 2016). There is currently no fracking taking place in Florida. My vote supported strict regulations to ensure no fracking could occur without an environmental impact study and a decision from our state. I worked to prohibit fracking while my opponent took no action despite being in office for decades.

Pro-Jobs Environment

The country needs an estimated 125,000 new jobs per month to keep up with the population increase. Government and the public sector should not be in the business of creating jobs. Instead, the government should create a pro-business environment that allows the job market to thrive. This is the only way it can work long term.

Support Our Educators

As the father of two school-aged children, I know that education is the future of our state. We must work to not only improve our workforce but also keep our best and brightest right here in Florida. This will encourage businesses to come where the talent and hubs of innovation are. We should implement a voucher program that’ll stop just throwing money at schools and instead invest in students. We should improve vocational schools so everyone has an opportunity to succeed in Florida – whatever their industry. I support 65% of all education funding going directly to the classroom – where it’s needed most. I also strongly support UF and Santa Fe. They’re great institutions that we should be proud of, and I’m working hard to make sure they’re fully funded.

Cut Burdensome Taxes

I am fighting to lower your taxes and put your hard-earned money back in your pocket where it belongs. Property taxes, sales taxes, and fees of every kind have become too heavy of a burden on taxpayers. As a business owner for over 30 years I know how to balance a budget and work with what I’ve got – and that’s exactly what I’ve done in the House. I’ve helped cut more than a billion dollars in taxes while also balancing the state budget five years in a row.

Improve Health Care For Everyone

We should be investing in medical schools to spur research and help create the best doctors possible. Insurance companies should be allowed to sell across state lines. This combined with further tort reform would help lower the high price of medical insurance. Health care for our seniors is also important – their coverage needs to protected and affordable.

Rebuild Our Infrastructure

If we want to bring back manufacturing jobs, we cannot ignore infrastructure. Our ports need to be able to accept the largest ships, and our roads should be in a state to handle more driving.

More Options For Energy

At the core of a sustainable business environment is the vital need for reliable energy. We need to increase our own production while also looking into other forms of energy. Research in forms of renewable energy should be a priority and once they become cost-efficient, they should be utilized across the state. We should also look into the new breakthroughs in nuclear energy that make it safer and more affordable than ever.

Sustainable Water Supply

Water is continually one of the biggest issues Florida faces. As sources become more limited and the population increases, it is time Florida developed a strategy to eliminate waste and preserve our resources. Water-rich North Florida cannot afford to fill all the needs of South Florida. We must continue to allow agriculture access to water, as it is a foundation from which our state’s economy is built. Desalination plants should be looked into and lessons should be learned from the problems with the Tampa Bay desalination plant.

Support Our Farmers and Agriculture

We need to continue to grow our agricultural base and allow our farmers to farm. We should protect the greenbelt classification of farms and do everything in our power to keep this pillar of our state’s economy strong. I’m also for protecting the growing agritourism industry, and will always be a barrier between intrusive big government and local small businesses.

Music And The Arts In Schools

I’m a strong supporter of music and the arts being fully funded in our public schools. They’re important to getting a well-rounded education – and that’s why I helped acquire record-high funding for Florida’s students.