Support Our Educators

As a parent, I am deeply invested in the education of Florida’s children. A strong education is the base for a thriving community and strong economy. Together we have fought for better education in Florida:

  • Supported more state funding of each child in Florida, bringing the total amount per student to $7,408 (HB 5001, 2018)
  • Advocated for more music and arts education in our local schools (SB 824, 2017)
  • Extended the scheduled expiration of the Early Childhood Music Education Incentive Pilot Program (SB 156, 2020)
  • Helped pass historic funding for higher education, making Florida the top state in higher education
  • Spearheaded increased resources for Bright Futures Scholarships (SB 4, 2018)
  • Supported over $600 million in funding for the University of Florida

But, our fight for better schools is not over. If elected, I will continue to be an advocate for education and help make Florida schools even better.

Support Our First Responsders

The pressure is being put on First Responders more than ever before, it’s time we fight for and support them.

  • I secured peer-to-peer support for first responders (SB 160, 2020).

Standing Strong For Our Environment

I have, and always will, make protecting our water quality and the environment a priority. I have fought for our natural resources and my record shows it:

  • Championed legislation providing $100 million in funding for land conservation (SB 370, 2018)
  • Made springs recovery and protection a top priority (HB 7003, 2015)
  • Supported the ban on unregulated fracking in Florida (HB 191, 2016)
  • Fought for increased water usage and safety regulations (SB 1308, 2018)

Pro-Jobs Environment

Since I arrived in the Florida State Legislature in 2010, Florida has seen a great improvement in our economy and job market. Under my watch, we have achieved:

  • Historically low unemployment rates for six consecutive years
  • Consistent growth in business services, hospitality, and construction industries
  • I secured more funding for workforce education in our schools, because a well-trained workforce can accomplish more for our economy, while raising incomes in the process (HB 5001, 2018)
  • Fought for home-based businesses and prohibiting a local government from certain actions relating to the licensure and regulation of them (SB 778, 2020).
  • Fought to prohibit local governments from imposing additional licensing requirements or modifying licensing unless specified conditions are met. (SB 1336, 2020).

Cut Burdensome Taxes

I am fighting to lower your taxes and put your hard-earned money back in your pocket where it belongs:

  • Supported tax exemption for parents buying back-to-school items (SB 686, 2018)
  • Sponsored legislation to cut taxes on Commercial Real Property (SB 902, 2018)
  • In favor of Florida’s Amendment 2, which would continue to make Florida an affordable place to live and raise a family.

Improve Health Care For Everyone

Everyone deserves the best medical care available. This means investing in medical schools to spur research and help create the best doctors possible:

  • Supported increased funding for schools and other medical facilities across the state
  • Achieved more nursing care for our elderly, especially for those that have served our country in the military

Rebuild our Infrastructure

If we want to continue to increase our job growth and bring manufacturing back to Florida, we cannot ignore infrastructure.

  • Helped secure $630 million for interstate construction
  • Secured $33 million for resurfacing projects and transportation for our district

More Options For Energy

With GRU prices remaining some of the highest in the state, it is time to look for solutions to our energy problems.

  • Step one is to put our energy decisions back in the hands of the people
  • Holding GRU accountable will ensure hardworking citizens receive the best energy while keeping costs low
  • We can avoid wasteful spending and stay within our energy budget

Support Our Farmers and Agriculture

We need to continue to grow our agriculture base and allow farmers to farm. This includes supporting farmers and ranchers that are just starting out.

  • Supported the creation of the Young Farmer and Rancher Advisory Board, which provides resources to help young people in agriculture succeed (SB 872, 2018)

Increase Public Safety

Between 2014-2017 the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles reported over 15,000 traffic crashes due to distracted driving from cellphones and texting. A staggering 71 individuals died in those crashes. I say enough is enough.

  • Fought to end texting and driving in the state of Florida (SB 90, 2018)
  • Sponsored legislation to require helmets for motorcycle and moped riders (SB 346, 2018)